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Here's our carpet tile calculator

How many tiles do I need?

If you’re not sure how many tiles you need or you just want to check your maths, here's our handy tile calculator.
Once you know how many tiles, why not go to the home page and have a look at all the carpet tiles we have for sale.
Or click on one of the tiles shown below to find out a bit more about them.
You can always ask us to send you a free sample, so you can 'see and feel' the real thing before you decide.

​Time to get measuring and to find out how many tiles you need!
And we have a good page here on how to lay carpet tiles if you need a bit of help to get started with laying your tiles.

Measure the length and width of your room accurately.
If it’s an odd shape, split it into sections like this:

room size

Enter each section’s length and width separately into the tile calculator to work out the number of tiles needed for each part, then add the totals together.
The tile calculator allows for 10% extra tiles for waste, cuts and spares
The calculator works out the number of 50cm x 50cm tiles required.
For 18” x 18” tiles use the number given then add 15%
For 60cm x 60cm tiles use the number given then take away 30%

More About How To Measure And Calculate

As handy as an online carpet tile calculator can be to use when planning the total area size of your flooring project, you will need reliable measurements of the room first to work out how many tiles you'll need. One of the best ways to do this involves drawing the room's layout on paper. You should measure the room from wall to wall, using the widest measurements to work out the number of tiles.

Awkwardly shaped rooms are going to need more tiles and if the tile you have chosen has a natural grain or pile direction to it, you will also have to account for that in your final number of tiles count.

At first glance, you might think your estimates are too generous or that you don’t need that number of tiles. However, it is better to overestimate than underestimate, just in case. This overestimation guarantees that you will have plenty of tiles to work with rather than running out before the job is finished. If you run out of tiles and are unable to buy more in that particular colour or style, your flooring job will be ruined.

An added benefit of ordering a few extra tiles is that your area will look good for much longer as you’ll have a few spares to replace any tiles that become worn or stained or when you need to replace them due to accidental damage.

Often customers ask us how many tiles are in a box. The majority of new carpet tiles are packed and supplied in boxes of 20 and most tiles measure 50cm x 50cm each. We sell our new tiles in full boxes rather than part boxes but with our used and clearance tiles, you can order any quantity you need, within our stock levels of course.

All of our tiles can be supplied on an ongoing basis too, meaning you can buy more whenever you need them and this is one of the reasons why customers decide to buy their carpet tiles from us.

When you have calculated how many tiles to order for your total area size (and don’t forget to add in another 10% to allow for cuts and waste) all that's left to do is to choose the tiles you like the look of.

If you need any help or advice sorting out how many carpet tiles you need, we’re just a phone call or an email away.