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A quick word about carpet tiles!

Carpet tiles are a perfect choice because they are usually cheaper than laying carpet, as there’s no need to buy or fit an underlay. Unlike carpets, you only need to purchase the number of carpet tiles you need rather than having a lot of waste, which usually happens when fitting a carpet. Both things will save the fitter’s time and your money. In addition to being more manageable than carpet to lay, carpet tiles can often be laid without incurring the cost of a professional fitter.

We have a Carpet Tile Fitting Guide, which can be downloaded and printed for free to help you get the hang of it if you’ve not laid tiles before. We also have a couple of printable articles that you can look at by clicking here and here. Our handy Carpet Tile Calculator will help you work out how many tiles you need, which many people find useful and easy to use.

Whether you’re looking for residential carpet tiles or tiles for a commercial setting, we have access to extensive ranges, including loop pile tiles at the lowest prices and a first-rate reputation for our customer service and helpful, friendly advice.

We can also offer next-day delivery on most orders and FREE delivery if you need more than 200 tiles.
Ordering a free sample is easy, as is ordering online or on the phone.
If you're unsure how many you need or which carpet tile to choose, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to help.

Carpet Tile Wholesale - How can we help you?

We stock thousands of top-quality commercial carpet tiles at low prices, and you can order FREE SAMPLES, so there's no pressure to decide before you're ready.
We also offer FREE NEXT-DAY DELIVERY if you order 200 or more tiles!
We can help you grab a bargain and choose the right carpet tile for your space.
​Just ring or email if you've got any questions; we'll be thrilled to hear from you.

Which is the cheaper carpet or carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are a great choice. They're hard-wearing and much easier to fit than carpet, so they're cheaper overall.
Also, carpet can be very wasteful if the roll width does not correspond to the width of your room. Because a damaged tile is so easy to replace, it can be a lifesaver should an accident happen. A small amount of damage to a carpet could mean replacing it all.

Can I wash carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles can be washed with carpet cleaner; always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some tiles can be cleaned with a bleach solution to remove stubborn marks. Just check a small area first, or telephone us for advice. You may even take the tiles outside, pressure wash them and leave them to dry in the sunshine.
With most stains, dab up the excess with a cloth, and clean the stain working from the outside into the middle so that you do not spread it.

How long do carpet tiles last?

The expected lifespan of a carpet tile depends on how much use it will get. Cheap polypropylene tiles should last around five years in domestic or light commercial environments. For heavy use, a great choice is a tile with a nylon pile. Most nylon tiles have a ten-year wear warranty; a heavier pile weight usually means a longer lifespan for the tile. Pile height and the number of threads per inch can also affect longevity.
​We are always available for free advice.

What goes under square carpet tiles?

Square carpet tiles (sometimes called carpet squares) should be laid on a flat, sound, level surface. There is no need for underlay but, if required, something fairly firm with very little give should be used, such as cork.
A soft underlay will allow the tile corners to pop up if you depress the centre of the carpet square, and this should be avoided. For noise or heat loss issues, it is best to insulate the floor with an insulation board first and lay your tiles directly on top.

Why buy your carpet tiles from us?

Because we have been selling extensive ranges of carpet tiles for a long time, we know which tiles are best suited to which areas. Everyone wants a bargain or the latest offers, and the trick is to get the best carpet tile for your money – and we will make sure you do that.
We are a family business with family values. We promise never to sell you a tile that will not do the job, so be reassured that you can trust us to give you the right advice. Our customer service is outstanding.
​Please have a look at our Google Reviews page to see what our customers are saying about us.

Which is the best value carpet tile for me?

This is always the top question!
And the answer depends on where you want to lay your tiles.
If you are re-doing a room at home, the colour and feel of the tiles will both be essential, but the space is likely to be smaller than in most commercial settings.
On our website, you will find top-of-the-range carpet tiles in a fabulous array of colours and styles, all at a discount.
If you are re-doing a larger space, such as offices or other commercial outlets (click here for office carpet tiles), you could also check out the options in our section all stock ranges.
We offer the best carpet tiles, all with extended guarantees, from the leading manufacturers, so you can be confident that you are choosing the highest tile standard.
​​​And we price all these new tiles as cheaply as we can. If you want a special price for bulk orders, get in touch.

Are carpet tiles eco friendly?

Carpet tiles are an eco-friendly option for several reasons.
Firstly, many carpet tiles use a high proportion of recycled materials during manufacture, and secondly, they often generate less waste material than wide-width sheet carpet when installed.
​And thirdly, at the end of their life, carpet tiles can be recycled into other products.

What is a carpet tile?

A carpet tile offers great value and versatility. And because of the bonded backing, will be very hard-wearing. This is great in areas of high footfall or busy homes.
​Also, because carpet tiles are much easier and quicker to fit than a standard carpet, and there's a lot less waste, choosing carpet tiles instead of carpet will work out a lot cheaper. It will also be greener and better for the environment.
Let us know if you need help choosing your tiles or working out how many you need. We're always happy to help.

How do you replace a section of carpet with tiles?

Replacing a section of damaged carpet with tiles would be unlikely to work very well.
The carpet may be stretched onto gripper so it would distort if a piece were cut out.
Distortion will not be an issue if the carpet is glued down, but any repair would be noticeable.
It is far better to start again from scratch, but using carpet tiles as a floor covering, because of their extra versatility and longer life span. This benefit is derived from the ease with which worn or damaged areas can be replaced.

Can carpet tiles be used on stairs?

Carpet tiles are ideal for stairs and more straightforward to fit than other floor coverings, but stair nosings must be used. These hold the upright tiles on the stair risers in position so they cannot fall forward and cause you to trip, and the nosings cloak the raw tile edges.
For domestic users who do not want to use nosings, you could install a tile on the tread only, with a UPVC ramped trim to hide the edge of the tile.
​The risers can be painted, providing the comfort of tiles on the treads without needing nosings.

Are carpet tiles easy to install?

Carpet tiles are easy to install. It is best to start in the centre of the room, lay out a cross in carpet tiles and then adjust its position to avoid uneven or very narrow gaps around the perimeter.
Do not start against a wall; if the wall runs out, so will your carpet tiles. Once you are happy with the position of your starting cross, fill in the four quadrants and do the perimeter cuts.
Adhesive will stop the tiles from slipping or moving, allowing easy replacement if necessary.

How do I lay my carpet tiles?

We have a free, handy printable pdf carpet tile fitting guide to help you lay your tiles once they have been delivered, but here are a few at-a-glance top tips to help in the meantime:

  1. Make sure the area is clean, dry and level.
  2. Make sure you have enough carpet tiles to finish the job.
  3. Mark the middle of the room with a chalk line cross and start loose-laying your tiles from the centre of that cross towards the door, rather than beginning to lay your tiles from the doorway inwards.
  4. Adjust the centre-point as necessary to avoid cut tiles being in the doorway.
  5. Lay the tiles from the adjusted centre point along the lines of the cross and then fill in the four quadrants.
  6. Use spray adhesive on every third row to keep the tiles in place and only ever spray the back of the tile or the floor, definitely never both. If you put adhesive on both, the tile will be impossible to lift again if you need to make minor corrections during laying or change it in the future.
  7. Cutting the edge tiles and getting them to fit nicely is tricky. Please look at our fitting guide for how to measure and fit the tiles around the edge properly.
  8. Finally, if you need carpet tile fitting advice, help, or a quote, please let us know. We are here and always happy to help.


How much do carpet tiles cost?

Carpet tiles can cost very little because you will not need underlay or gripper and you can easily fit them yourself, so you do not have to pay a fitter.
The cheapest carpet tiles cost less than £1 for a 50cm x 50cm tile (less than £4 sq m) but can cost much more if you want a luxury tile.
​Our best advice is to choose the most suitable tile. It is a false saving to choose a tile just because it is the cheapest if it looks ditched in a few months.
Carpet tiles are made with either nylon or polypropylene fibre. A nylon tile is harder-wearing than a polypropylene tile but will cost more. So, consider how busy your room will be and whether you need to pay more.
A top tip is that darker colours look good longer!

Can you lay carpet tiles over existing carpets?

Carpet tiles should be laid directly onto a solid subfloor.
Where a flat, dense carpet that doesn't compress when pressed is already fitted, it may be possible to lay the carpet tiles straight on top of that carpet.
However, if the tiles are not on a firm base, the corners will pop up when pressure is applied to the middle, which could cause a trip hazard and a very unsightly job.

Are carpet tiles waterproof?

Carpet tiles are water resistant but not waterproof.
They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, a brush and a fair bit of water without any ill-effects.
But if they are exposed to continuous soakings, the carpet tiles will begin to suffer from distortion and maybe some shrinking.
Always ask for advice if you need more clarification.

Where can I buy carpet?

There are many places to buy carpet, but we only stock carpet tiles and office carpet tiles. Some companies (usually the ones with the most extensive adverts) are large, national multiples. But we are a friendly, family-run firm, and few big companies will offer the degree of knowledge and support we do for our customers queries and questions.
You can call or email us anytime for professional help and guidance with any flooring issues. We promise to always go the extra mile to give you our expert advice and assistance.

How do you make carpet tiles softer?

Carpet tiles are primarily used in busy areas, such as offices and receptions, so are manufactured to be hard-wearing, easy to clean and long-lasting. However, because they are so durable, they often feel hard to the touch and have a short tufted pile.
To make carpet tiles feel softer, choose a tile with a cut-pile or a shaggy-pile. Many manufacturers make these soft feel tiles, so there are many choices and colours.
Look online for cut-pile carpet tiles or ask us for a soft-pile carpet tile; we'll know what you mean. ​
​Give us a call for more information. We’ll be pleased to help you choose the best soft-pile carpet tile for your space.