Carpet Tiles 2020


We're an award-winning, family-run, independent carpet tile supplier with 1,000's of cheap and discount carpet tiles in stock!

We’ve been in the trade for over 20 years, so we can help you avoid making expensive mistakes when you're choosing your carpet tiles.


There is a world of difference between a cheaply made carpet tile and a good carpet tile that’s for sale at a cheap price.

Knowing the difference will save you loads of money and hassle.

There are 4 things you need to ask yourself:

1. Is my floor going to see lots of traffic?
2. Are my floor tiles going to get dirty?
3. Will I be using castor chairs?
​4. Do I need the tiles to look good for a few years?

If your answers are all 'no' - then you'll be fine to go ahead and buy the cheapest tiles you can find because any tile will do a great job for you.

But if any of your answers are ‘yes’, then only a nylon carpet tile will be up to the job. If you try and save money by buying a cheaper polypropylene tile, all but the very heaviest ones will flatten and look worn in no time and you will have wasted your money.

Have a look at some of our stock ranges of carpet tiles for sale here. We have thousands in stock that will look great in any commercial, domestic and retail spaces.

We also have thousands of recycled carpet tiles and new clearance carpet tiles and more stock arriving every day.

So why not click the links and have a quick look. You'll be amazed at how cheap our recycled and clearance tiles actually are.

"Will the carpet tile I've chosen do the job?"

To find out you’ll have to check the specification and look at how it’s made. The terms 'contract rated' and 'heavy contract' are generally used to describe carpet tiles that are well-made and will withstand high-footfall and busy environments. But also check the following:

Pile Weight

Take a look at the pile weight. That is a universal comparison and the heavier the pile, the more durable the tile will be.

Solution Dyed

Take a look at how the carpet tile is dyed. A ‘solution-dyed’ tile is better than ‘space-dyed’ because a solution dyed fibre is coloured all the way through, much like a carrot, rather than just on the outside of the fibre, like a cucumber.

Length of Guarantee

This is a great indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their best selling carpet tiles. Obviously the longer the guarantee the longer the carpet tile will look good on the floor.

Castor Chair Symbol

If you’re going to use castor chairs, don’t buy a tile that doesn’t have a ‘castor chair rating’ because your commercial carpet tiles will be chewed up in no time if you don’t check this out. For peace of mind, all the nylon office carpet tiles we stock are castor chair rated whereas the polypropylene ones tend not to be, unless they have a very heavy pile weight.

Fitting Your Carpet Tiles

We also fit carpet tiles in any commercial setting, so just ask for a price if you're a commercial customer. For domestic and smaller jobs, why not have a look at our handy 'Carpet Tile Fitting Guide' for all the top tips so you'll be able to get a professional finish to your DIY efforts.

And the question we get asked the most: “Is there a cheaper alternative?”

We’ll happily try and find you one. We have clearance and recycled stock coming in every day ready for immediate delivery, so just get in touch and we’ll be able to tell you what's in stock.
It’ll be great to hear from you.

But for now though, we hope you enjoy your 'Carpet Tile Hunt'!

11th July 2020