Navy Carpet Tiles from Carpet Tile Wholesale

Navy carpet tiles have always been one of the most popular flooring choices in both domestic and commercial properties because the effect they create is timeless and classy.

Navy tiles are often used in combination with another colour, to create an individual design that can look stunning. There are endless examples of flooring solutions to show-off where navy carpet tiles have transformed an interior from drab and dull into a truly impressive and outstanding space.

Carpet tiles are available in a massive range of designs, colours and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a flooring solution for your latest office refurb or to update a reception area from an old and dated space, upgrade a kids' room from tired to trendy, liven up your living room, or finish off a kitchen or bathroom make-over, navy carpet tiles will give you all this and more.

Never mind about the shape of your space, carpet tiles can be cut easily to fit with the minimum of fuss and mess. So go ahead and experiment with bold designs

And because carpet tiles are so easy to fit and relatively cheap to buy because no underlay or expensive floor preparation is needed, they really do make for a top flooring choice. Unlike traditional carpets that are heavy and will always a professional carpet layer to do the fitting installation, carpet tiles are light and easy to install. You can lay your carpet tiles in a matter of a few hours, without any additional help. This means that you’ll save yourself a small fortune – which is always good news!

We have a free and handy ‘how to fit your carpet tiles’ guide for you to download if you want to have a go.

Whether you’re working on a new ‘look’ for your home or in the office or warehouse, navy blue carpet tiles will always be a ‘safe bet’ and will look great for years because they’re a dark colour, so most marks and spills won’t show up too much..

And if you pick a ‘solution-dyed’ tile (maybe a bit more expensive but so worth it) you’ll be able to safely scrub them should any little accidents happen. And that’s another reason why these tiles are so popular and easy to maintain.

Why not ask to see free samples – we’ll send them in the post – then you can have a close-up look and see what terrific value they are. Just get in touch if you want any more information about anything flooring related or if you’re just not sure which carpet tile to go for.

We’re always happy to help!