Google Reviews

All Google Reviews are so important and give an honest, impartial opinion of what a customer can expect if they choose to spend their money with a company.

​At Carpet Tile Wholesale we all treat every customer the same, whether big or small, an individual or a large company, every customer is special to us. By trying to go the extra mile and listening carefully, we feel we stand the best chance to get things right.

The Reviews below are all genuine and verified and we thank all the customers who took the time and trouble to submit a Review. Thank you from all the team at Carpet Tile Wholesale.

Reviews help customers decide whether to buy from a company or whether to look elsewhere.
Paid advertising can be so misleading and give a totally false impression of the standard of product or service a customer will receive and although companies spend millions on advertising, most customers look at Reviews (especially Google Reviews) for an unbiased view of what to expect.
Reviews are also vital for the businesses themselves because feedback (or constructive criticism) is how companies can improve and put right things that have gone wrong.

Hearing what customers think about the products and services they've received is how businesses get to know what needs to be improved, but also what's working well already. This means businesses can focus their efforts and attention on areas where improvement is needed instead of wasting time tinkering and altering things that everyone is happy with already.
Thank you again to everyone for sharing their thoughts with us.