Thousands of recycled carpet tiles available across the UK

Recycled Carpet Tiles

We’ve been selling recycled carpet tiles on our website for over 20 years. But lately, we have decided to change our focus and concentrate on sourcing brand new carpet tile ranges that are manufactured using recycled fibres. Just click the link here to see the details of the tiles we have in stock that have made use of recycled fibres and are 100% recyclable.

‚ÄčWe have been part of the flooring recycling industry for so long, we care a lot about helping everyone keep their carpet tiles out of landfill when they’re ready to upgrade their flooring. We’ve put together a list of Carpet Tile Recyclers and a list of Recycled Carpet Tile Stockists to make it quick and easy for you to find recyclers and stockists.

If you need any more help though, please let us know. And of course, we do have lots of other tiles at really great prices in our Stock Ranges section – just click to have a quick look.

More Carpet Tile Recycling Info!

Carpet tile recycling is a new way of saving yourself a lot of money. Recycled carpet tiles are tiles that have actually been laid before, but most have had minimal wear and we're very careful about which used carpet tiles we sell.

The carpet tile recycling industry has created a market for these very cheap carpet tiles over the last 10-15 years in an attempt to stop uplifted carpet tiles being sent to landfill in their thousands. Because carpet tiles are so hard-wearing means that they are virtually indestructible in landfill, so it's much kinder to the planet to re-sell them to be used again. And the added bonus is that they are then a fraction of the price of a brand new carpet tile.

Because of the cheap price and the huge savings that can be made, the good quality used carpet tiles are always very popular and sell really quickly. But what happens to all the tiles that can't be sold because they're either in a bad condition or not a whole tile.........well, these tiles are often sent to carpet tile recycling processing plants and converted into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for use as an igniter for cement kilns. This is very good for the planet and the pocket!

As an added note of interest - Carpet recycling is quite a different process because of the way carpets are manufactured. The pile of a carpet can be taken away from the backing and the separate parts can be processed separately in a carpet recycling plant. The pile is converted back into a yarn and the backing is processed back into new backing. This yarn and backing is then used to make a new recycled carpet. This recycled carpet then becomes a small part of the 'circular economy' which is now becoming the mainstream way of thinking about waste and re-using it. Better to recycle and re-use rather than bin it!