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We’re a small family firm and able to work very safely, so although we’re closed to walk-in customers for now, you can still order your carpet tiles online.

We're very happy to answer your phone calls or emails if you need help choosing your tiles so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And of course we’re still able to send out your FREE SAMPLES!

Also, if you want a copy of our DIY FITTING GUIDE to help you lay your own tiles – just ask!

Look after yourselves and stay safe,

Ashley Haigh (the boss)

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Grey Floor Tiles

Grey floor tiles are bang on trend! Grey is such a popular choice at the moment that we can hardly keep up with demand. Whether in your home or in your office, grey floor tiles just 'fit' somehow. Click here to see all the grey tiles we have in stock at the moment.............there are some really good bargains.

And it doesn't matter whether you choose a nice light grey or a much darker shade, a grey floor creates a neutral starting point for your decor.

We sell grey floor tiles to customers all over the UK, some for their offices and some for their homes.

A corporate client hired an interior designer who chose mid-grey flooring for their office re-vamp and continued the mid-grey theme with art work and accessories but chose a much darker shade of grey for the walls and blinds. The effect was stunning.

In a bedroom we fitted recently, they chose white walls, white bedding and white wardrobes to team up with dark grey curtains and a similar grey for the floor. The finished effect was really lovely, a calm and peaceful place to relax.

And another customer chose a much lighter shade of grey floor tiles for their sitting room to keep the room light, bright and airy. With their light oak furniture and nice light grey walls, the whole room was transformed from a dingy, dark space into a room you wanted to spend time in. The family were thrilled.

None of our grey floor tiles are expensive but they are all top quality and will last years. They are all scrubbable, which makes it easy to clean up any accidents or mishaps and if you go for a darker shade, any marks will be hidden.

Just order a sample of any tile you like the look of and you'll be able to see what it looks like in your new space. Alternatively, visit our home page for other colours