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All Stock Ranges

All our ranges are carefully selected to offer the best quality and value for money, with ongoing availability. Each is supported by a five- or ten-year commercial wear guarantee.

FREE Next Day Delivery on orders over 200 tiles offers both convenience and cash savings for our customers, enhancing the overall value proposition of our tiles.
Our carpet tiles are environmentally friendly, featuring pile fibre made of completely recyclable polypropylene or nylon, and a backing that contains up to 70% recycled material.

Remember, it’s important to consider both the wear rating and your specific needs when choosing a product. This will ensure that you get the best value and performance from your purchase.
Basis and Logic ranges are ideal for environments with moderate use, such as offices, educational institutions, and contract installations. They offer a balance between cost and durability, making them a practical choice for these settings.

On the other hand, our RelyOn range is designed for high-traffic areas such as busy call centres or shops. These tiles are more robust, providing the durability needed in such demanding environments.
Our more expensive carpet tiles have better colour banks or are design-led premium ranges like those of Europe’s top manufacturers, but at substantially lower prices. Our cost-effective alternatives don’t compromise on design and quality - check out the price of Interface Composure online, then compare it to our Haze range. They are similar in appearance, but Haze offers a considerable saving.

Need help choosing? Phone us on 0115 940 4454 during office hours or email us anytime using our “contact us” form at for helpful, friendly advice.

    Choosing an ongoing range from a reputable supplier ensures that you can maintain a consistent look in your space even if you need more tiles in the future. Whilst clearance deals can offer good savings, the availability of those products is limited.

    By carefully selecting from hundreds of available carpet tiles, we ensure that each range we stock provides the best value for its price point. This strategy demonstrates our commitment to quality and value, and you can be confident that you are getting great value for money, no matter which range you choose.
    Of course, if there are other carpet tile ranges that you would like a price for, just get in touch. We have accounts with all the major manufacturers, so we can supply any carpet tile.

    Basis is the most affordable commercial carpet tile in our collection making it an excellent choice for customers who are budget-conscious but still want quality

    Logic is consistently a favourite among customers due to its superior specifications compared to many other entry-level products, whilst being very cost-effective. This makes it an excellent value-for-money choice.

    RelyOn Trade, with its heavy contract nylon loop pile, is priced competitively to provide superb value. High in quality and keenly priced, RelyOn is a compelling choice for those seeking durability and affordability.

    Stepping Stones is a hard-wearing contract polypropylene carpet tile whose subtle textured colourways make it an attractive and popular choice for diverse settings.

    Haze benefits from a hefty 700 gram pile weight, so a great spec for the price. This design-led tile is very effective in both large and small spaces.

    Venice is a general contract polypropylene carpet tile available in a great range of colours for commercial use

    Weave is a heavy contract nylon fibre carpet tile, with a Class 33 rating which will withstand even the busiest places whilst providing a sense of style with its textured weave design.

    Urban Space is a heavy contract nylon loop with a good colour bank comprising mottled colours which will hide marks making it a great choice for busy commercial areas.

    Don't forget we offer next day delivery and if you order 200 or more tiles, the delivery is free!

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