All Stock Range Carpet Tiles

We pick the ranges of tiles to stock really carefully, so we know we're offering you the best quality and value for money.
These stock ranges are all from leading manufacturers and are all available on an ongoing basis. All come with guarantees too!

But if you're not sure which to pick, just let us know and we'll help you choose.
You can phone us on 0115 940 4454 during office hours or email us anytime using our contact us form at

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    We stock 5 ongoing carpet tile ranges, which are all repeatable lines and will be adding more ranges soon. So check back often or give us a call to find out more about the new ranges.

    If you ever need (or think you might need) additional tiles in the future, choosing tiles from an ongoing range is important. You’ll always get a cheaper clearance or recycled tile, but whenever there’s a doubt about needing future availability, it’s best to pick from a range.

    Of course, if there are other carpet tile ranges you would like us to get a price for, just get in touch. We have accounts with all the major manufacturers, so we can order any carpet tile on your behalf.

    The ranges we choose to stock are picked from hundreds of available carpet tiles on the basis that each range offers a best value solution for its price point.

    Logic is our cheapest commercial carpet tile but a much better spec than any of our competitors entry level products.
    RelyOn Trade is heavy contract nylon loop and priced keenly to offer real value for money - this tile at this price will be hard to beat anywhere
    Stepping Stones is a hard-wearing contract polypropylene tile comes with a 5-year warranty and adds an attractive alternative with its sublte textured colourways.
    Venice is a general contract polypropylene tile and earns its place in our ranges because it has a substantial 580g/m2 pile weight.
    Urban Space We stock this range because it offers an incredible range of colours so everyone can find a tile to match their new space.

    We’ll happily send you free samples of any of our tiles, so have a browse but don't forget to get in touch if you need any help.