Screeds for DIY Underfloor Heating

Check out this information about screeds for diy underfloor heating

Screeding is often necessary to get a professional looking finished flooring job and you should take extra care if you're fitting a diy underfloor heating system.

Preparing the sub-floor properly is crucial to ensure that your underfloor heating system works efficiently.

Whilst we don't stock or sell screeds for underfloor heating, if you’re not sure which is the right product and want some advice, just get in touch and we'll happily help to point you in the right direction of companies that can supply you exactly what you need (the image below shows an example).

And if you're looking for carpet tiles, you can see the full range of carpet tiles we have for sale by clicking the link and the following link is to one of our free printable guides how to lay your carpet tiles for top tips from professional fitters, if you want to have a go and fit your own tiles.

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