Multis/Other Carpet Tiles from Carpet Tile Wholesale

Multis/Others Carpet Tiles - Great Ideas

Some colours won’t fit very easily into any other colour category, which is why we’ve called this section ‘Multis & Others’!

The carpet tiles listed below will hopefully give your ideas and inspiration or just be that little bit different but if you can’t see a tile that looks suitable for your space, you can easily go back to our Carpet Tile Wholesale home page to have another look at all the other carpet tiles on offer.

Usually, there’ll be a mixtue of carpet tiles from our ongoing stock ranges,

It's easy to ask us for a free sample if you’re not sure whether a tile will be suitable for you, so just get in touch and we’ll pop one in the post straight away.

And there's free next day delivery on offer if you want 200 or more tiles. But there's next day delivery on all our ranges but there's a charge if you want less than 200.

Let us know if you want more information about this! We're always happy to help.