Choosing The Right Tile

There are few things in life that create the utter lack of enthusiasm shown by a person when they find out that you buy and sell carpet tiles for a living. They instantly wish they hadn’t asked and had chosen to comment blandly about the “nice weather for the time of year!”

However, all of us here at Carpet Tile Wholesale are so excited about carpet tiles that we want to shout out and tell you why.

We know all about piles, tufts, fibres, gauges and dyes and if you are in the market for carpet tiles you need to know this stuff as well. And carpet tiles become very exciting when we sell them and know that our customer will be very happy with their choice and tell all their contacts, colleagues, friends and family about us.

So………you can choose a tile because it’s cheap and ‘looks and feels’ about right, keep your fingers crossed and hope you’ve made the right choice or you can find out what the tile is made of, how it’s constructed and how it’s dyed. That way, you’ll be able to compare any tile on a like-for-like basis and be confident that the price you eventually pay offers genuinely great value.

There are only 4 things you need to ask yourself to make sure you get it right.

1. Where will you be laying your tiles?
2. How long do you need them to last?
3. Is the environment going to get dirty?
4. Will you be using castor chairs on your tiles?

1. Domestic or Commercial Light/General/Heavy Contract Use
Choose between the ratings and look for the description that best suits your situation and the amount of footfall likely to be passing through.

2. a) Polypropylene or Nylon Fibre
If you need your tiles to look good for more than a few months and not go ‘flat’, then choose a tile made from nylon. Nylon fibre has a memory, meaning the fibre can spring back into place whereas a polypropylene fibre does not.

2. b) Pile Weight and Tuft Density
These are both important as the heavier the pile weight and the more tufts per square meter, the more durable the tile will be and will last longer but still look good.

3. How the Fibre is Dyed
There are two ways a tile fibre can be dyed. Solution dyed or space dyed. The difference is that the solution dyed fibres are dyed all the way through the yarn (like a carrot), whereas a space dyed fibre only has the colour on the outside of the yarn (like a cucumber). This means that if you need to clean your tiles often, you will rub away the colour of a space dyed tile. So choose a solution dyed tile if you do want to be able to clean your tiles regularly.

4. Using Castor Chairs
Castor chairs eat carpet tiles! So if you are going to be using castor chairs on your new tiles, make sure they have the ‘castor chair’ symbol.

Hopefully, by taking a few minutes to ‘Check the Spec’ you’ll avoid being disappointed with the carpet tiles you choose, and of course if you need any more information, just get in touch.

We’d love to talk to you and get excited about your carpet tiles, you never know, you might just start to feel excited as well and find yourself wanting to tell others.

So for now – Happy Carpet Tiling!