Logic Planks

Now available as 100cm x 25cm planks at the same bargain price as Logic tiles.

Same colours, same spec, same 5-year commercial wear warranty but in plank format providing greater flexibility and creativity.

Most manufacturers charge a premium for planks, but here at Carpet Tile Wholesale we are committed to giving value for money.

We’ve got the same colourways available in a tile, 50cm x 50 so you can mix them up and make a special statement with your new flooring.

Have a look at the Logic listing for more information about our exclusive Logic Tiles and Logic Planks.

We’re the only company that stock them.

This robust product is stocked in the four most popular colours along with two complimentary stripe designs that mix and match, the stripes using the same colour yarn found in the plain tiles and planks. And, whereas most manufacturers charge a premium for fashionable planks, Logic plank is the same price as Logic tile.

You may buy the exact number of tiles or planks that you require – no need to round it up to the nearest full box!