Venice Carpet Tiles from Carpet Tile Wholesale

Our Venice general contract range comes with a great pile weight, a low price and a good colour choice.

But we can only deliver them to business addresses. We're very sorry about that but the manufacturers of these tiles just won't deliver to homes!

We can deliver Logic and RelyOn to your home address, so click to see if they'll do the job for you.

If you have a business address, we know you'll love these tiles because they'll look good for far longer than other ‘cheap’ tiles from other suppliers on the internet, so get in touch quickly and ask to see a free sample.

Venice is a medium contract polypropylene loop available in a colour palette of 13 attractive shades, suitable for areas of light to moderate foot traffic.

With a Class 31 wear rating, Venice is ideal for light office use, but protective mats should be used beneath castor chairs to prolong the life of the tiles. Venice’s 420 gram low level loop pile is compressed into a height of just 3.5mm. A low pile height, although making the tile appear thin, is better for wear, since it is resistant to compressing and is consequently less likely to collapse.

This resilient product is easy to vacuum for the same reason - the dense pile does not permit dirt to become deeply engrained. Venice tiles will give many years’ service in classrooms, offices and the home and is a great low-cost solution to your flooring needs.