Urban Space Carpet Tiles from Carpet Tile Wholesale

The Urban Space range earns its place amongst our line-up of heavy contract rated commercial carpet tiles thanks to the contrasting colour fibres used in its construction, which provide a depth of colour often missing from cheaper ranges.

Each colourway is built up with contrasting shades of yarn that compliment each other beautifully to create a textured, flecked appearance.

As well as looking great on the floor, Urban Space is a well-made, commercial grade tile with a Class 33 heavy contract rating that will serve you well in any location whether it be in the home, a school, or even a busy office carpet tiles area, using castor chairs that can destroy lower rated tiles.

The solution dyed yarn is coloured all the way through, so as well as looking good, Urban Space can be cleaned aggressively and thoroughly should the need arise.

Tough wear characteristics combined with ease of maintenance will prolong the life span of your floor covering.