Screeds are used to create a smooth surface ready for the new floor covering or to isolate the new flooring from any previous contamination still on the sub floor, such as old adhesive or screed.

There are hundreds of products and dozens of manufacturers that could appear in our ‘Screeds’ section. We try to pick the best products in their field for both value and performance, so you can be sure that you’re buying a quality product that will do the job well but at a really low price.

If you want any advice at all or just want to chat about screeds and how much you’ll need, please give us a ring on 0115 940 4454 or send us a quick email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Mapei Latexplan Trade - This is a levelling and smoothing compound for differences in thickness of 1-10 mm and is suitable to prepare a stone or concrete floor for carpet tiles (or any flooring for that matter). It’s low odour and is slow hardening meaning it’s easy to rub down. It’s also suitable for underfloor heating. This will cover an area of about 6m2 at 3mm thickness.

Ardex Ardurapid A45 - This is a rapid drying and hardening, slump free mortar for indoor use. It dries ready to work on after only 90 minutes and can be used to repair concrete, screeds, renders and steps as well as patching and filling cracks and gaps. This will cover an area of about 7m2 at 1mm thickness.

Arditex NA - This is an ultra rapid setting latex levelling and smoothing compound. There is no need for intensive prep and priming with this product which will save time, effort and money. It can be worked on in as little as 3 hours and can be used over adhesive and bitumen residues.

Mapei Floor Primer (in two sizes) (5kg and 20kg) - This is a solvent-free acrylic-based primer with very low VOC emissions. It’s an all-purpose product and will improve the adhesion of levelling compounds on all surfaces whether porous or non-porous. The 5kg will cover about 40m2 and the 20kg about 200m2.

Ardex Feather Finish - This is ideal for patching and smoothing minor surface damage and can be worked on after only 15 minutes. There’s no need to prime the area before using Feather Finish and it’ll cover 50m2.

Ardex DPM 1C - This is a one coat ‘surface damp proof membrane’ or DPM as it’s otherwise known. By using it to protect a new floorcovering from moisture (whether residual construction or ground bearing) you are able to guarantee your flooring installation. Ardex DPM 1C can be walked on within 6 hours and so reduces your down-time. It’ll adhere to wet concrete and although it’s suitable for all types of flooring surfaces it can even be used for hard flooring and flooring with underfloor heating. There are 3 sizes available - 6kg, 10kg and 25kg.

14th May 2020