Carpet Tile Tackifier - 10kg

Carpet Tile Tackifier

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Product Information

10 kg tub covers 200 square metres. SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER - SAVE £30.00 - ONLY £70.00 PER TUB!

One of the selling points of carpet tiles is the ability to easily swap or rotate worn or damaged tiles. This is made possible thanks to carpet tiles’ substantial construction, comprising a heavy-duty primary backing and a secondary backing to provide dimensional stability. This hefty construction prevents them from curling like a carpet or vinyl; consequently, a powerful high tack adhesive is not required to make them lay flat.

Carpet tile tackifier is a low tack adhesive especially designed to hold carpet tiles in place, preventing them from sliding around on the floor. It is quickly and easily applied over large areas using a paint tray and a foam paint roller on a brush shaft. Once an area of floor has been glued the tackifier should be left to cure for at least twenty minutes; the white adhesive will go clear once it has cured. The tiles may then be laid into the adhesive, the low tack level of which will allow easy lifting of the tiles at the end of their life, or during it in the event that tiles become marked or damaged.

If the tiles are laid into wet adhesive, before it has cured, the bond will be extremely strong, and the tiles will be very difficult to remove later. It is common when the tiles have been laid into wet adhesive to find that a stripping machine is required to remove them, and the backing can remain stuck to the sub floor. This may necessitate over boarding or screeding to reinstate the sub floor to take the next floor covering.

The 20 minute minimum curing time should always be observed; there is no maximum time, you can come back and fit the tiles tomorrow, as long as the adhesive has been left for the minimum twenty minutes.

A 5-litre tub covers approximately 35 square metres depending on the absorbency of the subfloor.

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