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Use this stock filter to display only those tiles available in sufficient quantity to complete your project.

If you know which colour you want, it's easy to click on one of the colours below. Clearance tiles are such great value, you can’t go wrong.

But if you're not sure, why not have a look at all the clearance tiles we have at the moment.

Or click 'carpet tiles' to go back to the homepage and have a look at our other stock and maybe pick from the new or recycled carpet tile choices.

Choosing by colour is the most popular way of choosing a new tile. Nearly all our customers will disregard an amazing bargain because the carpet tile is not the right colour.
Visual impact is top of the ‘buying wish list’.

By narrowing your search down to tiles that are the right colour, you save yourself the time and effort trawling through options that you will never choose.
And these clearance tiles offer such good value, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Just make sure you order enough and don’t forget that we’ll send a free sample of any tile so you can check exactly what it’s like before you commit to buying. But don’t hang about too long because the popular colours always sell out quickly.

And finally, if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy, just get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for. We always know what stock is coming in but obviously can’t put it on the website for sale until it’s actually arrived here in the warehouse.

​​It'd be great to hear from you.