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All Clearance Tiles

All our clearance carpet tiles are brand new tiles but end-of-lines or last year's colours, meaning they are all at rock-bottom prices. See for yourself and order some free samples. Just click on a tile you like, then the 'get your free sample' button. Pop your name and address onto the form and we'll do the rest. You'll have your samples in a day or so.

We have literally thousands of clearance tiles always in stock, so you’ll usually be able to find a tile and a style that suits.

All our clearance tiles have come from reputable leading manufacturers but offer such good value as they are all redundant ranges and colours, which basically means ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone’.

So be careful to order enough and a good few spares so you’re not caught out if you find you do need some extra tiles in the future.

Grab a bargain while you can, but if you’re not sure, just click on a tile and order yourself a free sample to help you make up your mind.