C Grade - Very Cheap

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All recycled C Grade tiles offer incredible value for money.

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Often C grade recycled carpet tiles will show some signs of wear and may have a few marks on them. But any marks could be cleaned up a bit when you get the tiles laid and will offer a great floorcovering at a very cheap price when ‘looks’ aren’t the most important thing.

You probably wouldn't want to use C grade tiles in a sitting room or front office but they would be fine to use in a back porch, a shed, a utility room, a garage or in a back office for example.

And if you are in any doubt at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phoning 0115 940 4454 or sending us an email at sales@carpettilewholesale.co.uk and we’ll be able to help you decide which grade will suit you best.