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We’re a small family firm and able to work very safely, so although we’re closed to walk-in customers for now, you can still order your carpet tiles online.

We're very happy to answer your phone calls or emails if you need help choosing your tiles so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And of course we’re still able to send out your FREE SAMPLES!

Also, if you want a copy of our DIY FITTING GUIDE to help you lay your own tiles – just ask!

Look after yourselves and stay safe,

Ashley Haigh (the boss)

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Carpet tile adhesive is the best way to ensure your carpet tiles stay in place once they're fitted. All our ancilliary adhesives and tackifiers are suitable for all our cheap carpet tile ranges and offer exceptional value for money. If you're not sure how much adhesive you'll need or have any other questions, just give us a ring or send a quick email through the Contact Us page A page of tips on laying carpet tiles can be found here.

We stock 500 ml cans of spray adhesive and 5 litre and 10 kilo tubs of tackifier adhesive.

The spray adhesive is great for smaller jobs and projects and will cover about 6-8 sq m so it’s really good value.

If you just spray the tile rather than the floor and the tile, you’ll be able to lift the tile easily if you want to swap them around later.

The tubs of tackifier are for fitters who have the tools, knowledge and experience to spread the tackifier properly but if you fancy having a go, it is a lot quicker than using spray adhesive.

As an additional note – the 5 litre tubs cover an area of up to 35 sq m whilst the 10 kilo tubs cover up to 200 sq m.

If you order your adhesives when you order your flooring from us, it will save you time and money. We send out all adhesives carriage-free when the flooring is dispatched at the same time and ordering everything together means you’ll only have the one delivery to co-ordinate and check.

For any advice at all or to get a quote to come and fit your flooring for you, just get in touch by phoning 0115 940 4454 or sending an email to us