Steadfast is an extra heavy contract tile designed for use as a barrier product in entrances to buildings. With a stiff, upright nylon fibre providing a bristly feel, Steadfast will scrape dirt from shoes simply by walking across it.

When used as an entrance barrier mat Steadfast is extremely efficient at removing dirt before a visitor enters a main office carpet area, prolonging the life of carpets or carpet tiles within a building. Steadfast is an attractive tile and, since it is less functional in appearance than many entrance barrier products, it is even suitable for use as a main carpet in corridors and offices, or any demanding, high traffic environment.

The yarn used for Steadfast’s solution dyed nylon pile has its pigment introduced when still in liquid form, before being spun. Consequently, the yarn is coloured all the way through rather than just on the outside and will withstand aggressive cleaning with a bleach solution.