Fantasy is our entry-level carpet tile. Always ‘check the spec’ on other entry-level products, some say they’ll do the job but won’t.
And just because a tile costs more, it’s no guarantee that it’ll be better than this range.
If you’re not sure, you can always get hold of us and we’ll tell you whether the tile you’ve seen is one that will live up to the footfall and use and look good in your space.
This tile is ideal for domestic and light commercial use.

Our Fantasy carpet tiles are a great choice for either home or light commercial use. With a vibrant colour palette of 14 shades, there’s a Fantasy tile for every room setting – why not mix and match different colours to create a striking floor design?

Thanks to Fantasy’s densely packed polypropylene pile, these carpet tiles resist crushing and collapse, allowing this range to perform well in areas of light to moderate foot traffic. Most polypropylene carpet tiles don’t have such a dense pile and will look worn and ‘patchy’ very quickly.
A dense pile prevents dirt ingress, so loose dirt will sit on top of the pile and can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner. Stubborn marks can be eradicated using normal cleaning products, and Fantasy will even withstand cleaning with a mild bleach solution to shift more stubborn stains.

There’s a lot of competition in the budget-end of the carpet tile market, but please compare specifications as well as prices to make sure you don’t make a costly mistake.
We’ll happily send you a free sample of any of the colours you’re interested in, so you can choose and decide in the comfort of your own place, without any pressure or hassle. Just get in touch and leave your details with us so we can send out the samples, which will normally arrive within a day or two. And of course, if you want to chat about your carpet tile job to iron out any difficulties, we’re always here with a listening ear!