Desso Lita Carpet Tiles
Recycled C Grade
50cm x 50cm

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Product Information

These ultra-tough, heavy contract carpet tiles are just the job for those areas where heat and sound insulation is required at a low, low price, and where the finished appearance of the floor is less important than its practicality and cost.

The history of these tiles is that they were hired out for trade shows or exhibitions lasting just a week or two at a time. The tiles would then be taken back up, cleaned and stored until they were next required.

As a consequence of their previous limited usage, they are not badly worn or soiled. However, having been laid, lifted and laid again several times, the tile edges are not perfect. In their new surroundings the joints between the tiles will be more apparent, but they will provide a cheap, tough floor covering. 

Discounts are available for large orders (2000 tiles and over). We also have these in B Grade, cut down on a press to 18” x 18” with good edges, price 90p per tile.