Desso Lita Carpet Tiles
Recycled C Grade
50cm x 50cm

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£0.60 + VAT per tile £0.72 inc VAT per tile

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Product Information

We are pleased to offer these tiles for any project where the final appearance of the finished floor is less important than the cost.

These tiles previously belonged to a company that hired them out for use at exhibitions. When the exhibitions ended (usually after just a week or two) the tiles would go back into storage having been cleaned, to await their next period of hire. Consequently they have seen little wear but, having been laid, lifted and laid again several times, the tile edges are less than perfect. If you can live with more visible joins they’re a great, hard wearing floor covering.

Discount available for large orders (2000 tiles and over). Also available as B Grade, cut down on a press to 18” x 18” to provide good edges, price 90p per tile