Desso Lita 4201 Carpet Tiles
Recycled B Grade
18in x 18in

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£0.50 + VAT per tile £0.60 inc VAT per tile

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**DISCOUNTS FOR ORDERS OF 5000 TILES AND OVER** if you get in touch we'll be able to tell you how much you could save!

If you are looking for a hard wearing, red Desso Lita 4201 carpet tile at an unbeatable price, this could be the cheap carpet tile for you. You won’t believe the quality of this tile until you see it for yourself. If you ordered these tiles, exactly the same colour and spec as a new tile today, they’d cost between £7.50 and £8.50 or even more.

They’re so expensive when they’re new because they are manufactured to be virtually indestructible. And they’ll even withstand castor chair use in a busy office!

This rich red colour is a real winner and been a top-seller for us. If you lay them in a checkerboard pattern, they’ll look their very best.

Just let us have your details and we’ll send you a free sample straight away.

And make sure you order enough because they’re 18in tiles rather than the more usual 50cm.

Specification Sheet
Quality and Environmental Management System Certification ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Castor chairs Rating approved
Pile construction Needled pile needle felt
Pile fibre composition BCF Polyamide 6
Dye method Fibre dyed
Total thickness 9.0mm
Total pile weight 1340/m2
Pile density 0.125g/cm3
Use classification 33 Commercial – heavy use