Hairy and Hardwearing Tiles

These Desso Lita recycled carpet tiles are manufactured to a top spec, made to last for many years even in the toughest environments.

We bought these tiles from an exhibition company who used them for short term floor coverings at trade shows in venues such as the NEC in Birmingham or Earls Court in London. After each show they would be lifted, cleaned and put back in to stock ready for the next time they were needed.

One advantage of the unusual life of these tiles is that they have not received continuous traffic, they have been laid differently each time and been commercially cleaned after each use using a specialist tile cleaning machine.

A disadvantage though, is that because they’ve been repeatedly lifted and laid some of the edges and corners show signs of wear and even slight damage. To resolve this, at your request, we will cut down these 50cm tiles on a clicker press to 18” x 18” using a specially made cutting die. This gives a fractionally smaller tile, but with crisp, clean edges. Many customers don’t bother with this, but the service is available free of charge if required. You will need 15% more tiles if you have them cut down.

Please ask us for a sample to see the colour and texture of these tiles – this is important, because they’ll wear so well you’ll be looking at them for years!

And also, unless you see a sample, you won’t believe what amazing value they are. With these tiles, the cheap price does not mean a cheaply-made tile, it means they’re the best value carpet tiles on the market. Very cheap but very good!

Just ask for your free samples and let us know what you think.