Desso Lita 7111 Carpet Tiles
Recycled C Grade
50cm x 50cm

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£0.50 + VAT per tile £0.60 inc VAT per tile

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Product Information

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These Desso Lita 7111 carpet tiles are almost certainly the cheapest nylon carpet tiles on the internet and are a great solution for demanding sports venues, garden centres and conservatories.

They are castor chair rated, so will withstand whatever’s thrown at them even in a busy office.

You can buy exactly the same tile in exactly the same colour on the internet today as a new tile rather than a recycled/used one but you’d have to pay between £7.50 and £8.50 for each tile. So these that have been laid before but are only 50p are such a fantastic option in our opinion.

This vibrant shade of green will bring the outdoors into your home or workplace. They are in really good condition and if you lay them in a checkerboard to maximise their textured appearance, they’ll look very impressive.

Let us send you a free sample so you can have a proper look at them and see how they’ll fit in with your other décor. They truly are the most amazing value, a very good but very cheap carpet tile.

Specification Sheet
Quality and Environmental Management System Certification ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Castor chairs Rating approved
Pile construction Needled pile needle felt
Pile fibre composition BCF Polyamide 6
Dye method Fibre dyed
Total thickness 9.0mm
Total pile weight 1340/m2
Pile density 0.125g/cm3
Use classification 33 Commercial – heavy use