Interface Linear Carpet Tiles
Recycled B Grade
Grey Blue
50cm x 50cm

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Product Information

This fabulous modern carpet tile is as tough as it is handsome! Its modern, geometric design in a mixture of grey and blue yarn is a wonderful solution for a contemporary office space.

Thanks to a solution dyed nylon pile this tile will perform excellently in busy areas, and shrug off any dirty marks. The pile colour runs all the way through the fibre, not just on the outside, so it can be scrubbed with bleach solution without leaving a light patch.

The nylon pile fibre has memory characteristics that allow crushed pile to spring back into shape once pressure is removed. All in all, a great choice!

Why not ask to see a free sample so you can judge them for yourself. Nothing like actually seeing and feeling the real thing! We'll happily pop a sample in the post to you - just let us have your details. We know you'll be impressed with how good they look for the money.