Carpet Tile Ranges

We stock the best value-for-money ranges of carpet tiles from the best manufacturers and all at the cheapest possible prices. Have a peek below! Or start from the home page.

The carpet tile ranges we choose to stock are carefully picked to give a good choice across all price points.

All the ranges are from repeatable lines which the manufacturers commit to producing for the foreseeable future, so more tiles can be bought as and when needed. This means that areas needn’t be tackled all at once, but rather they can be fitted out separately and still us the same tile at a later date.

As a helpful quick reference, the styles we stock are summarised below:

Fantasy - An entry-level polypropylene tile with a good pile weight and a great range of colours

Venice - A general contract polypropylene tile with a whopping 580g/m2 pile weight at a very keen price

Modulyss Alpha - A heavy contract nylon tile in a really good range of colours

Modulyss First - Our best-selling heavy contract nylon tile with a 540g/m2 pile weight

Modulyss First Lines - This First Lines range matches the spec and style of the First range, so perfect for a mix-and-match effect.

Urban Space - A top-spec heavy contract nylon tile with an unbeatable choice of colours

Steadfast Barrier Tiles - A black or brown extra heavy duty entrance barrier tile which will provide a tough and resilient barrier to protect the rest of your flooring.