Carpet Tile Spray Adhesive - 500ml

Carpet Tile Spray Adhesive

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Product Information

Covers 6-8 square metres.
Spray the tile only or the floor only but not both.
Then your tiles will be easily lifted in future.
If you spray both the floor and the tile, they'll be impossible to get back up again.

Our carpet tile spray will fix carpet tiles, foam backed carpet, carpet underlay and cork to most types of sub floor. Each can will cover 6-8 square metres, depending on how absorbent the sub floor is; dusty concrete and chipboard will soak up more adhesive than a smooth screed or ply.
By spraying the just tile or the floor but not both, your tiles will be held firmly in position and prevented from slipping around. However they will be easy to lift up and replace should a tile become damaged or badly marked in the future. If you spray both the floor and the tile, they will be held very firmly in position but will be more difficult to take back up again.

Our carpet tile spray adhesive is fast drying, you may spray either an area of floor or each individual tile as you go, just leave the adhesive to cure for a few seconds before fixing your tiles. The adhesive takes a few seconds to grab meaning that an incorrectly laid tile can be lifted and repositioned.

The use of adhesive is recommended to stop the tiles from slipping; if each tile in a row of 20 moved one millimetre a substantial gap would appear. On a small room or office, providing the tiles are cut in snuggly to the skirting boards, it may be sufficient just to use the spray adhesive in the doorways. Providing the tiles can’t slip under the skirtings then they will remain in place.

Where there is sufficient gap beneath the skirtings for the tiles to slide under, spray all the perimeter tiles. This will hold those in the centre of the room in position. For larger rooms you can spray every third or even fifth row, again, the adhered tiles will hold the remainder in place. For rooms larger than 40 square metres we recommend that the whole floor area is glued.

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Here is our guide to laying your tiles.